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Shifting the sheep

Well, we’re certainly back into the swing of things. Week 4 of school, sport has started, homework is on and piano practice, and Judo and the weeks are zipping by!

I keep saying I feel too young to have kids who are nearly finished school.  Our eldest son Sam was given the privilege of school captain, so he is in for a busy year, in between various sporting commitments, study and working on the farm one day every week.
We were absolutely smashed by the heatwaves in January and February, though I think most of the South East was in the same club.  Our already parched paddocks got hammered, and we have once again sold more of our beef stock to ensure we retain ground coverage and are able to recover when it does rain again (we received a magnificent 40mm on the weekend).

It’s trying times like these that we really appreciate all we have learnt about pasture management through holistic grazing management.  This style of grazing management will reverse desertification and restore fertility across the globe…..check out it’s founder and brains trust Allan Savory here.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.  It takes time, management, thought, observation, data comparison and RAIN!  It has been such a woeful summer of rain (or no rain) that Farmer Dan might just have to get a day job that pays, whilst we wait for some more of the wet stuff!  And that’s ok, because we know that it will rain again, and when it does, we’ll move back into the regenerative cycle – one that builds and restores and works with the natural environment.  And most of all we’ll be growing the best food that we can, food that not only tastes amazing, but it amazing for your body and amazing for our land!  Win, win, win!

Thanks for joining us on this journey.  We love your encouragement, feedback and support.  We can’t do this without you.


Shifting the sheep

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