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Laffy Family Farms Grassfed Organic Beef and Lamb





Toowoomba – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast

Laffy Family Farms is all about producing sustainable, organic beef and lamb, free from synthetic fertilisers, hormones, chemical inputs and antibiotics

We want our local communities to have access to the best food their farmers can produce, and for us that is organically raised produce, grown in harmony with nature, in a sustainable, regenerative circular farming system. Our holistically managed pastures will improve the soil as the years pass, building humus, increasing fertility and capturing carbon. We are passionate about producing organic beef and lamb that is not only sustainable, but full of good fats and health benefits. Benefits that can only be achieved through a 100% pasturefed process. Our Red Angus cows are naturally resistant to heat and flies, and are bred to produce great tasting, tender meat on a 100% pasture diet. Our cattle are shifted onto fresh pastures daily, in a stress-free, relaxed move. This is not only great for the cattle, but is beneficial for the grass and the soil. Our Australian White x Dorper sheep are well suited to our environment and produce tender, tasty lamb that melts in your mouth. Laffy Family Farms is situated on the Darling Downs, 1 1⁄2 hours west of Toowoomba, and has been farmed by Dan’s family for 90 years. It has two major creeks running through it and significant natural bushland areas. Part of our dream is to have a farm that produces an abundance and variety of great food, and we hope to add more to our lineup in the future. We would love you to become part of our story, and reconnect with your local farming family. Our organic beef and lamb is available on a seasonal basis and we encourage you to join our mailing list here.


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