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As we  develop and reshape our farm and production systems and methods, we are regularly reviewing our processes to make sure that we are achieving the best possible outcomes for our soil, grass and animals.  The beauty of the holistic grazing management framework is that this is built into seasonal and yearly planning.  Farmer Dan loves to be outside,  and it’s harder for him to commit to paperwork and planning, but as he has become more familiar with the system, he is reaping the rewards in all areas of the farm – land, soil, water, family and animals to name a few.
We have also had the pleasure of partnering with over 25 families who have purchased our produce.  We prefer to use the term “food partner” instead of customer or client, because it is a real relationship that involves both parties being committed in some way to sustainable food production, regeneration of our land, non chemical, ethical treatment of animals, and support of their local farmer.  Non of those are throw away terms.  The next best financial return on our product would come from all our meat getting minced and sent to America.  Neither Dan or I like the idea of that, but it’s something we would have to consider without support from our communities.  Thankfully, we are confident that with some time and extra effort, we will develop those ongoing relationships and provide the people in our community with health filled organic beef and lamb, produce that sustains not only our bodies but our communities as well.

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