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As Christmas draws ever nearer, the boys are busy finishing fences and shifting cattle on a daily basis. Although it has been a VERY dry year, we have seen such an improvement in our grass quality and longevity using holistic grazing management.

Our organic beef steers are close to being finished, and we are looking forward to selling some of this fresh, local produce direct to our local communities. I have a lot of friends asking me when we will be selling our first packs of organic beef, and I had hoped we would have some finished for Christmas, but Farmer Dan tells me that they just aren’t going to be finished on time.

Grass finishing organic beef cattle relies on abundant fresh spring grasses and legumes to provide the carbohydrates for the cattle to convert to fats and proteins. While we have had some nice little falls of rain, we haven’t had enough to produce an abundance of feed, and so in order for us to provide the best product we can, we just need to be patient and are hopeful that some of the big boys will be ready in the New Year.

Dan and I are really excited to be launching this new arm of our farm business, selling organic beef and lamb, and can’t wait to make connections with other locals who are passionate about their food and health, and restoring local communities.


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