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Felton Food Festival

Wow!  What a massive day this turned out to be.  We spent Friday packing up and getting ready to set up our stall, and then at 5am Farmer Dan, Sam, Maggie and I headed off to Felton to set up our stand and tell our story!  My big sis Liesel did all the food prep and we sold our gluten free sausages on a wrap with crunchy coleslaw salad and homemade BBQ sauce.  Lili and Sophia were also enlisted to help us serve the crowds and everyone did an amazing job  (even Sophia’s mate Sofie, who just came to see the festival and got roped into serving!)  After a crowd of 8000 in 2015, this year they blew that away with over 12,000 people.
I hear on the grapevine that they may split this event over 2 days next year, to help with traffic congestion and to make the crowd more manageable.  Even with the large crowds, it is such a fantastic way for farmers to reconnect with their local communities and share the story of food production.  It’s so easy to be disconnected from our food sources when supermarkets are so accessible, and food is so readily available.

April 2016

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